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Nous avons reçu ce message d'amis américains:

La Maison Blanche reçoit en ce moment de nombreux messages protestant contre le courageux soutien du President Bush à Israël. Il est important de lui manifester notre soutien rapidement. Ils suggèrent d'envoyer un court email à:

avec un message personnel bref (exemple ci-dessous) et un titre simple, comme par exemple: "Thank you for standing with Israel."

Tous les emails reçus par la Maison-Blanche sont lus et comptabilisés. Ayez la gentillesse de prévenir vos amis.

We have been told by our friends in Washington that the White House is receiving very significant numbers of emails protesting President Bush's strong support for Israel. It is of the utmost importance that we show our support for the President's pro-Israel stand. NOW!

1. Pass this on to all your Jewish and pro-Israel email lists.

2. Write a short, personal email to the President -- Have the Subject line say something like "Thank you for standing with Israel."

President Bush's email address is:

Every email sent to the White House is read and counted. The email does not have to be long. Below is a sample. Please personalize it in some way.

Dear Mr. President:

I thank you for your strong and unwavering support of the West's ally Israel and the rights of Jews and civilized persons everywhere to live without fear of terrorism.

We applaud your principled stand at the Durban conference, and your overall leadership. We also applaud your censure of Yasir Arafat and the Palestinian Authority, despite opposition from their powerful allies.

My family and community stand with me in saluting your integrity and courage to do the right thing and to stand up for the truth.

Wishing you continued blessing for wisdom, courage and success.

Signed: your name and address